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Maximizing your quality of life and preventing hospitalizations is the goal of Quality Living Solutions.  As people age, the risk for falls and health complications from effects of aging and chronic diseases rise.  Using evidence-based practice to improve your quality of life, occupational therapy through Quality Living Solutions offers comprehensive assessment and intervention to help you live the best life possible with reduced risks for injury and hospitalization.  Providing services in your home or a community location of your choice.

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We will provide service in your home or the community to help you learn to age well, cope with aging changes, manage chronic health conditions for improved wellness, manage chronic pain and learn about home modification options to be able to age in place and reduce risk for falls.

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Occupational therapy with focus on prevention and modification to improve quality of life, prevent falls and injury with evidence-based Lifestyle Redesign® and home modification services by an Executive Certificate in Home Modification (ECHM) provider and fall prevention using evidence based practice.

Our Services


Lifestyle Redesign®

Innovative treatment approach shown to restore and improve health and wellness.  Evidence-based treatment developed at the University of Southern California, enables clients to incorporate sustainable and health- promoting activities into daily life.   Ideal for chronic disease management, pain management, weight loss, effects of aging.



home modification for aging in place

Comprehensive assessment of individual abilities, medical diagnoses and the home environment with analysis of how an individual is able to function in their home environment to complete daily living activities.  Following assessment,  recommendations will be made to promote safety and ability to age in place.   Will collaborate with contractor making modifications as needed. 


Fall Prevention

Leaves are supposed to fall; people aren't.  According to the National Council on Aging, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds and one in four adults over the age of 65 falls each year.  Falls are preventable.  Understanding your risk for falls is the first step in prevention.   Also provides is customized training on fall prevention strategies, and/or modifications in the home to reduce risk for falls and training on how to safely get up from a fall.

About Us


Jennifer Thacker, OTR/L, ECHM

 An Occupational Therapist since 1995, Jennifer has worked the majority of her career in skilled nursing facilities with people who require inpatient rehab and sometimes long term care for illnesses and injuries that were preventable.  Jennifer believes prevention combined with health and wellness activities can improve quality of life for clients, reduce risk of hospitalization and increase ability to age in place in your preferred home environment.   Jennifer is trained in Lifestyle Redesign® through the University of Southern California  Chan Division of Occupational Therapy and has earned the Executive Certificate in Home Modification through the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. 

Jennifer graduated in 1995 from Eastern Kentucky University and moved to Louisville, KY soon after,  making Louisville her home.  Jennifer is married (Ben) with a grown daughter, Katherine and step daughter, Erin.  Jennifer also has a dog, Winnie and a cat, Harley, both rescue animals.



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